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Click this link to find PDF versions of scenes from Malice Aforethought: The Sweet Trials that can be used in classroom settings. This page also contains suggestions for teachers in how to use these to facilitate learning.
The Detroit Historical Society's Learning Center has made the attached Lesson Plan available to teachers. This PDF is provided with permission from the Detroit HIstorical Society (10 pp).
Nation magazine article by David Lilienthal, December 23, 1925. Reprinted
with permission from The Nation (3 pp)
Detroit News Rearview Mirror article by Patricia Zacharias. Reprinted with
permission from the Detroit News. (7 pp)
OAH Magazine of History article by Victoria W. Wolcott History,
Vol. 7, No. 4 (Summer 1993)
Web site created and authorized by Prof. Reynolds Farley,
Population Studies Center; Institute for Social Research; University of Michigan
Web site created and authorized by Prof. Doug Linder, University of Missouri
at Kansas City
Younger students can learn more about the racial and cultural history of Detroit during the 1920's at the DIA. Teachers use images of cultural diversity in the DIA to bring together art and
social studies lessons that explore the changing culture of America. This exploration includes a role-play activity as to imagine what it was like for those who immigrated to America
and migrated to the urban North. One of 6 lessons from the DIA's Grades 6-8.

This material has been made available through the courtesy of the authors. Please contact each author for permission to use this material outside the classroom.

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